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Growth and Development

Growth and development in children is a continuous process. It starts in the mother’s womb and progresses through infancy, toddler years, preschool period, school-age years and adolescence. There are many aspects in child development-- physical ability, language, cognition as well as emotional and behavioral aspects. It is affected by interplay of genetic and environmental factors. Parent bears a very special role in a child’s life. Parenting significantly impacts on child development. Each child is unique. Confidence is nurtured when a child’s strength is appreciated and support is available to guide the child to overcome his/her weakness.

Since children progress through different developmental stages, parenting techniques may have to be tailored accordingly. Please refer to the website of Family Health Service, Department of Health for further information:

Parenting Channel [Video]

Parenting channel is a learning platform for parents. It includes short parenting videos in four areas of development: discipline theatre, language theatre, game theatre and social skill theatre. Through the videos, various techniques and methods of positive parenting are demonstrated to enhance the confidence of parents and caretakers in nurturing their children. From theory to practice, it aims to raise parents' awareness in fostering development of their children and to enhance parent-child relationship.

Developmental Training Programmes for Parents

This series of training programmes are designed for parents of children suspected to have developmental and behavioral problems. They aim to equip parents with knowledge of child development and have a better understanding of the potentials of their children. Parents can learn practical theories and skills in training up their children in everyday life.