Social Skill Theatre

When children have an outburst, parents must first manage their emotion to avoid being affected by them. By doing this, parents can effectively deal with children's behavioral problems.
Children's separation anxiety can be gradually reduced through rehearsal and practice with familiar characters and environment.
Parents should seize the opportunity to teach their children the virtues of sharing by setting a good example for them.
Parents should empathize with their children and help them to express their feelings through words. This can help children to learn empathy for the others.
There is no right or wrong about emotions. Parents should guide children to express their emotions which in turn help them in problem solving.
Parents who empathize with their children can help them in problem solving.
Parents can foretell important event to their children and assign simple tasks to them in advance. This can help to strength their future role e.g. as a big brother.
Parents can show children how to communicate with others and teach them how to make new friends through games.