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The Hospital Communication Toolkit (Toolkit)

The Hospital Communication Toolkit (Toolkit) was published on 8 December 2021 by Child Assessment Service (CAS), Department of Health, Hong Kong. This is the first locally compiled resource toolkit for use by healthcare providers in paediatric settings, to support children and adolescents with CCN who are unable or have great difficulties in communicating their medical, physical and emotional needs during their hospital stay.

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Hospital Communication Toolkit for Children

***Last update: May 2022


New Arrangement

In view of the latest development of COVID-19 infection, the Child Assessment Service (CAS) has the following arrangements –

  1. To protect the health of children and their parents attending assessment at Child Assessment Centre (CAC) and to enhance infection control measures by reducing client flow and social contact –
    • No more than two parents/ relatives/ friends may accompany a child to the CAC;
    • Clients* visiting CAC must wear surgical masks [*according to the advice of Centre for Health Protection, for safety reasons, mask-wearing is not recommended for (i) children below age of 2 without supervision; (ii) people with difficulty breathing; and (iii) people need assistance to remove the mask.];
    • All clients visiting CAC must undergo temperature screening.
    • If the child is afraid of wearing mask, or afraid of seeing staff wearing a mask, parents can contact CAC for arranging booking for assessment later; and
    • For children with prior appointment, if you or your child or other household member(s) currently has fever or respiratory symptoms, please contact CACs for rescheduling the appointment.
  2. CAS has published two booklets namely “Young Warrior Combating Against The Epidemic ~ Parent-Child Activity Booklet” and “Combating Against The Epidemic ~ Parent Resources Booklet” to support parents during this epidemic. Read more
  3. A dedicated webpage has been set up by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) to provide relevant information and health advice. For other languages [हिन्दी (Hindi), नेपाली (Nepali), اردو (Urdu), ไทย (Thai), Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog], please click here.

***Last update: Feb 2023


Hong Kong Scales for Assessment of Theory of Mind (HKAToM)

The Hong Kong Scales for Assessment of Theory of Mind (HKAToM) was published in October 2020 by the Child Assessment Service (CAS), Department of Health. The HKAToM was jointly developed by CAS and the University of Hong Kong. The scales are a locally developed, standardized and norm-referenced assessment tool, designed for understanding the social cognitive abilities of Cantonese-speaking children age 5 years to 12 years 1 month.

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***Last update: October 2020