First Assessment by Nurse

After parents receive the referral letter, they can register with their respective Child Assessment Centre (CAC) and make an appointment for a nurse initial assessment.

The first assessment by nurse aims to assess the child’s developmental status, collect information about the child, including development, growth, health status, learning, behaviour and family status. The professional team will arrange appropriate professional assessment for the child based on the first assessment results and the information collected.

Checklists for Registration

On the day of first assessment by nurse, please bring the following documents and fee for registration:


  • For every subsequent appointment, parents should bring along the Hong Kong Birth Certificate/Identity Card of the child for checking.
  • Parent should inform Child Assessment Centre (CAC) as soon as possible for re-scheduling if the child is not able to attend the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the appointment would be cancelled. Parents are required to call CAC to make an appointment again.

Reminders for Parents on the day of First Assessment by Nurse

  • On the day of assessment, parents should follow our instructions regarding whether to bring their preschool children with them.
  • For preschoolers and schoolers, please bring along the examination results/assessment reports, student handbooks, homework, examination papers or dictation books (photocopies are accepted), if available.
  • Please bring along reports of assessment done in other agencies, if available.