Health Information

Professional Training

Child Assessment Service is the accredited training centre of the Hong Kong College of Paediatricians that conducts specialist training for General Paediatric trainees and Paediatric fellows who are interested to further their training in the subspecialty of Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics. In addition, the Service also offers clinical internship and attachment opportunities to other relevant professionals, such as clinical psychologists, speech therapists, audiologists, occupational therapists.

Liaison Work

In order to streamline referral service, Child Assessment Service regularly conducts liaison meetings with service partners so as to ensure smooth referral procedures and provision of appropriate service for children.

Research & Publications

In order to provide high quality assessment service, the Child Assessment Service has to ensure that the entire assessment procedure, content and tools comply with international standards. Therefore, we also conduct scientific research and apply it to our clinical practice. Over the years, we have localized overseas assessment tools and collected data to build local norms. In recent years, our professional team has collaborated with local universities on research and development of assessment tools designed for local children.

With 40 years of provision of child assessment service in Hong Kong, we have accumulated large amount of data and information on developmental disabilities of local children. We conduct data analyses regularly in order to gain a better understanding of the clinical picture of these children. This enables us to provide better service for our clients.

In order to share with other professional colleagues the recent updates on various developmental disabilities and our research results, we publish the Child Assessment Service Epidemiology and Research Bulletin (CASER) regularly as well as other scientific publications. For public education, we have also published some pamphlets and fact sheets for parents and picture books for children.