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CASER is a publication from CAS which is planned to circulate among professionals in paediatric rehabilitation field. CASER provides an overview of CAS client profile and clinical data. It also provides updated information for major developmental conditions, including recent literature review, epidemiology, CAS experience, and our study on them.

Issue Topic
21 January 2023 Developmental Coordination Disorder
20September 2022 Developmental Language Disorder
19September 2021 Visual Impairment
18December 2020 Hearing Impairment
17May 2020 Autism Spectrum Disorder
16September 2019 Intellectual Development
15December 2018 Dyslexia
14December 2017 Physical Impairment
13December 2016 10th Anniversary
12December 2015 Acquired Cognitive Impairment
11December 2014 Anxiety Disorders and Anxiety Problems
10December 2013 Visual Impairment
9December 2012 Hearing Impairment
8December 2011 Developmental Coordination Disorder
7December 2010 Physical Impairment
6December 2009 Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
5December 2008 Specific Language Impairment
4January 2008 Dyslexia
3June 2007 Autism Spectrum Disorders
2June 2006 Developmental Delay and Mental Retardation
1December 2005 Child Assessment Service Statistics: Trends and Analysis