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1. [Q ] When do children require assessment?
  [A ] Children need to be assessed when their parents or teachers suspect them of having developmental problems.
2. [Q ] Who are your target clients?
  [A ] We provide assessment and referral services for children under 12 years of age with special needs.
3. [Q ] Who can refer children in need to CAS?
  [A ]

We only accept referral letters from registered medical practitioners and psychologists.

4. [Q ]

Which child assessment centre should I register at?

  [A ]

Parents should register and book appointment at a nearby child assessment centre as soon as they obtain the referral letter.

5. [Q ] What are the documents required?
  [A ] Please bring along the documents mentioned in the registration checklist.
[Registration Checklist ]
6. [Q ]

Who are the professionals to assess my child?

  [A ] The multidisciplinary team will decide on the appropriate assessment arrangements after the first appointment with the parents by the public health nurse.
[Assessment Flow Chart ]


[Q ]

What follow-up actions will be taken by CAS after assessment?

  [A ] Follow-up plans will be formulated according to the nature of the problems and the needs of the individual child, such as interim support for parents, referral to rehabilitation services and scheduling of review evaluations at CAS.

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